Reconstruction of “Kastel” is going as Planned

kastelBanja Luka – Reconstruction of the fortress Kastel – of the unit 9 is going as planned and in the past month were carried out all the planned works for that period, was announced from the Administrative Service of the city of Banja Luka.

Within the project “Reconstruction and revitalization fortress Kastel, the unit nine – the first phase” supported from the European Union with 2.5 million euros, so far are done the most of reconstructive works on the building of the museum, or at the “Kamena Kuca”(Stone house).

At the meeting of the Working Group of Culture and Society Council for the Regional Cooperation / RCC /, that was held recently in Novi Sad, the representatives of the European Commission said that from EU funds for the reconstruction of the fortress Kastel – unit two will be provided another 1.13 million Euros.

It is planned that these funds will be spent for the reconstruction of the towers 3 and 4, underground arsenals and part of bastions and ramparts, which are an integral part of the unit two.

In this way, among other things the fortress will have qualitative requirements for the maintenance of cultural events in the context of the summer scene, according to the Administrative Service of the city of Banja Luka.

The reconstruction of one of the greatest symbols of Banja Luka started on late march. The company “Porobić” from Trebinje does the works and supervision is conducted by the Institute for the construction of Banja Luka.

It is assumed that for a full reconstruction works should be needed 60 to 70 million KM. Within the fortress reconstruction will be built even a hotel.

In addition to hotels, it is planned the construction of cultural center with a theater, tourist information center, urban gardens, public garages, sport center, as well as the arranging of the Vrbas River.

Kastel fortress was declared in 1950 the good cultural and historical heritage of the first category and in 2002 was included in the list of endangered monuments in B&H.


(Source: Nezavisne Novine)

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