Recognition of Superbrands for Sarajevo Osiguranje

sarajevo_osiguranjeThe trademark brand Sarajevo Osiguranje was chosen among the leading brands in BiH and was given the status of Superbrands BiH for 2013/2014 in the process of voting that was organized and supervised by Superbrands, a global and independent authority that carries out the promotion and appointment of the strongest market brands in 88 countries in the world.

The votes of more than 20.000 consumers as well as the votes of the professional council that is made up of recognized business and marketing experts from the BiH media, agencies, local and foreign corporations, academic institutions and professional organizations, Sarajevo Osiguranje was included among the best brands in BiH, announced Sarajevo Osiguranje.

The votes were based on quality, recognition, long-term consistency, and emotional charge, said in a statement of Superbrands BiH.

The status as a leading brand on the market follows the results of business in the first six months of this year, towards which Sarajevo Osiguranje has a leading position in BiH with 32,7 million KM of premium income.


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