Recognition for Zijah Sokolović for the Project “Living Life Without Violence”

zijah-sokolovicThe famous actor and director from Sarajevo Zijah Sokolović , as UNDP Goodwill Ambassador for nonviolence and tolerance, was awarded for the show Nasilje-za nasilje nema opravdanja (Violence-no justification for violence).

The network of EU countries for prevention of crime will award him this prize. This network held the annual congress in Lithuania this month.

28 EU member countries attended the congress and 18 have voted for the project “Living life without violence” with an emphasis on violence against women and girls.

The show of Zijah Sokolović is realized as a Croatian project, considering the fact that Croatia is a member of the EU and was awarded as the best EU project on prevention of crime and prevention of domestic violence.

This award is proof that theater can and should be at the service of informing young people on social issues that they face while growing up.


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