Rebuilding of Cabins at National Park Sutjeska for Development and Promotion of Tourism

np-sutjeska-donje-bare0729Oxfam, in partnership with the Association Kalipolis from Italy and National Park Sutjeska and municipality Foča, is implementing two traditional projects-the cabins, which are found in Sutjeska National Park in one of the most beautiful parts of the park, plateau Prijevor.

“The aim of the project is to support the environmental, social and economic development of the valley of the Drina River, through the promotion of the development of responsible tourism with the active participation of partners in creating local policies and improving the cultural environment’’, said the Project Manager at Oxfam Italia Darko Vujović to Fena.

The cabins will be renewed in accordance with the necessary requirements and environmental standards, and will keep the original appearance and style. In order to meet modern requirements, the inside of the building will be tailored to the needs of tourists.

With these two cabins, the third one will be built in cooperation with the Sarajevo Regional Agency SERDA. The purpose of this cabin will be for the preparation of food in a traditional way in order to ensure total comfort.

Visitors and tourists will be able to witness the preparation of food in a traditional way, and to taste and buy local products prepared by locals. The renovation and construction of the cabins is financed by the region Friuli Venezia Giulia from Italy.

According to Vujović, the Department of the National Park was involved the entire time in the process of obtaining documentation and permits because it is an area where very strict rules are applied regarding physical intervention.

The most important requirement of the Institute for the Protection of the Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of the RS, as a directly responsible body, is the use of completely natural materials for the reconstruction and construction of the cabins, which has been fully complied with for the project.


(Source: Fena)


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