Reason of Numerous Food Poisoning in Tuzla Canton revealed

The epidemic of bacterial food poisoning began on August 28 from the municipality of Srebrenik and six days later doubts were confirmed.

Salmonella bacteria are the cause of massive food poisoning in Tuzla Canton, the Cantonal Institute of Public Health confirmed for Vijesti.ba news portal.

“This morning, we received an official confirmation from the Institute of Microbiology of the University Hospital Tuzla that in the isolate, ie for three hospitalized patients, Salmonella bacteria was found, which was our suspicion,” said Blasko Topalovic, an epidemiologist at the Public Health Institute of Tuzla Canton.

According to the data of this Institute, more than one hundred persons were poisoned by food in Srebrenik. Most were from the area of this municipality but also from Gracanica, Gradacac and Tuzla. Some sought help at municipal health centers and some at UKC in Tuzla.

From the day of the poisoning to the present, a total of 61 people have come to the Infectious Diseases Clinic.

Of these, 13 were withheld from clinical treatment. Five children and eight adults were hospitalized.

“There are currently six other patients diagnosed with Salmonellosis at the UKC Infectious Diseases Clinic. These six patients are in significantly better clinical condition and will soon go home,” said Prof.Dr. Sead Ahmetagic, Head of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of UKC Tuzla.

Salmonella is one of the most common causes of food poisoning and each year, salmonella infections, called salmonellosis, sicken more than 1 million people. Up to 450 die from salmonella poisoning annually.

Salmonella can be found in the intestines of animals, especially pigs and poultry, and it is spread through their feces. For example, if contaminated feces get into the water that’s used to irrigate crops, those crops can carry the bacteria to the market. Raw poultry can sometimes be contaminated with the bacteria. It can be spread throughout your kitchen if you don’t wash your hands, cutting board, and any knives or other utensils after you handle raw poultry.

Any raw or undercooked animal product can carry salmonella. That includes meat, unpasteurized dairy products like milk and cheese, eggs, and seafood. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts also can become contaminated with salmonella. In recent years, the CDC has reported outbreaks associated with particular brands of alfalfa sprouts, pistachios, nut butters, and cucumbers.

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