Rear Admiral Luis Sanchez Perez met with Major General Dorfer

Rear Admiral (OF-7) Luis Sanchez Perez DJO (Chile), visited Camp Butmir and met with Major General Dorfer, COMEUFOR, with a full Honour Guard.

The purpose of Rear Admiral Sanchez’s visit was to meet with COMEUFOR, to receive a situational overview of the country, and to discuss the CL National Programme. Chile is one of 5 non-EU countries that participate in Operation ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

COMEUFOR and Rear Admiral Sanchez discussed the EUFOR mission to support the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the importance of Chile’s ongoing involvement. COMEUFOR expressed his appreciation for the work of the Chilean troops stationed at Camp Butmir.

As part of his visit to the area Rear Admiral Sanchez also had meetings in Sarajevo and conducted a visit to the Banja Luka LOT House.

On Tuesday, 27th November 63 soldiers from 3 troop contributing nations (Austria, Czech Republik, Switzerland and Turkey) received the Security and Defence Policy Medal Althea in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo.

COMEUFOR Major General Martin DORFER thanked them for their dedicated service and stated that EUFOR’s presence in this country is still of great importance.




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