Realization of the Multi-million Project at the Tuzla Airport to start soon?

airporttzStarting early next year, the International Airport Tuzla (IAT) should increase its capacity from around 300,000 to 500,000 passengers a year.

A precondition for this is reconstruction and upgrade of the passenger terminal, which is around 4.5 million BAM worth project.

“Conceptual design already exists, and we have already applied for an urban permit. We will announce the tender for contractors soon, and then submit a request to obtain building permits,” explained Enver Jukanovic, the Executive Director of Marketing and Development at the International Airport Tuzla.

He says that if everything goes as planned, the project of reconstruction of passenger terminal could be completed in April.

“Increase of the capacity of the airport will mean the opening of the new work places. IAT currently employs 145 people, and we are planning to open twenty more work places in 2017, which bring us closer to the figure of 170 employees,” said Jukanovic.

Construction of the expanded terminal should coincide with five new airlines that will be opened in March. These are airlines to Bratislava (Slovakia), Cologne (Germany), Friedrichshafen and Nuremberg (Germany) and Växjö (Sweden).

To recall, passengers from the International Airport Tuzla already fly to London Luton (United Kingdom), Basel (Switzerland), Billund (Denmark), Dortmund, Frankfurt Hahn and Memmingen (Germany), Eindhoven (Netherlands), Gothenburg, Malmo and Stockholm (Sweden) . From the 17th of December,  the line to Berlin should be introduced as well.

“Wizz Air has already announced a public competition for 40 people. It is mainly the cabin crew. With increasing airport capacity, we are expecting new partners, and thus opening of additional jobs,” says Jukanovic.


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