Ramadan Festival of Books since Today in Sarajevo

knjigaRamadan Festival of Books (RFB) will be organized from 25th July to 5th  August in Sarajevo.

This is the second RFB and at this year’s festival will participate eminent publishers and booksellers from all across the country.

In addition to sales, RFB will have its multidimensional cultural character, and the main goal will be giving gifts to citizens, which will be organized and implemented by ‘’Connectum’’.

At this year’s RFB, there are planned numerous cultural facilities primarily related to Ramadan tradition in BiH.

Planned content, among other things, are public interviews with eminent personalities like writers and other socially known personalities, along with a variety of theatrical and musical background. There are planned also occasional solo vocals and instrumental performances, photo exhibition and art workshops of Zekerijaha Nalića  paints.

It is also planned, the performance,  of a three-day special guest from Turkey, expert forhusn-i hat”, calligraphy of Sulejman Berka, who will give to visitors as a permanent gift, calligraphy printed name and surname.

It is organized as well,  daily distribution of Ramadan Somun to citizens.

After iftar to visitors will be served Bosnian coffee, drinks and sweets, was announced by organizers of RFB.


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