Rama Tex is one of the most successful Foreign Investments in 2017

Representatives of the Foreign Investments Promotion Agency of BiH (FIPA) visited the Municipality of Prozor Rama and the company Rama Tex.

Rama Tex is engaged in the production of textile equipment, it produces fitness program for the European market, and their largest customer is company “CGL Sports Fashion” from Germany.

According to FIPA, this is one of the 13 most successful foreign investments in BiH for the year of 2017.

FIPA actively participated in the establishment of a factory that successfully operates and employs around 140 qualified workers now in cooperation with the Municipality of Prozor-Rama, and it is one of the companies that records positive operation and great business results.

After the visit of Rama Tex Company, there was also a meeting held with the Assistant of Mayor for development, entrepreneurship, crafts and finances in the Municipality of Prozor Rama, Josip Juricic.

Juricic stated that the Municipality of Prozor-Rama offers great opportunities for investments and it also provides incentives to future investors. One of them is definitely an incentive for every new employment, for which they allocated a total of 400,000 BAM from the municipality budget.

A new initiative and the possibility of organizing a regional investment conference that would present the opportunities of municipalities of Herzegovina and connect potential investors was also discussed at the meeting, as announced by FIPA.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)




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