Railways FBiH and RS Received Certificates for Smooth Functioning of International Freight Transport

sine_zeljezniceTwo railway companies in BiH received ECM certificates-bodies for the maintenance of freight wagons, which solved the issue of the smooth functioning of the rail transport according to standard European rules, announced on the site of the BiH Ministry for Communication and Transport.

From 1 June 2013, railways FBiH and RS were certified to maintain freight wagons (ECM certificate), and the maintenance management of freight wagons has four basic functions: coordination framework (as transferable function), development of maintenance, and execution of maintenance, as transmitted functions.

The certificates have validity until 27 May 2016 for the FBiH railway, and 23 May 2018 for the RS Railway.

With ECM certificates, the coordination engagement of the BiH Ministry of Communications and Transport is confirmed, and the Regulatory Committee on Railways of BiH in international bodies for the smooth functioning of international rail freight.


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