Radovan Karadzic guilty of Srebrenica Genocide, sentenced to Life Imprisonmemt

The war criminal and former Republika Srpska President Radovan Karadzic has been sentenced today to the IRMCT Appeal Chamber for life imprisonment.

The genocide in Srebrenica was the second count of 11 counts of indictment against Radovan Karadzic.

He was found guilty of genocide in Srebrenica in the Trial Judgment, which was confirmed by today’s final verdict.

Reading the verdict, Judge Vagn Prüsse Joensen, said Karadžić had been in constant touch with his forces on the ground at the fall of Srebrenica. He added that he had also failed to rebut the 2016 court ruling that, as commander-in-chief of Bosnian Serb forces, he was obliged to investigate and punish perpetrators of war crimes.

About 100,000 people were killed and 2.2 million were left homeless. The mass killings culminated in the Srebrenica massacre.

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