Radomirka and Hariz from Srebrenica are a real Proof of Coexistence

February 19, 2018 1:15 PM

Family Alic from Srebrenica, Radomirka (24) and Hariz (26), opened a café in their hometown a couple of days ago.

Radomirka and Hariz met five years ago. Their love was crowned with a marriage. At first, there were some oppositions, but all of that is now behind them.

“We met, went out couple of times, started a relationship and got married later on. Normally, there was some opposition from both sides, my family and Radomirka’s,” said Hariz.

“There were different reactions, but everyone has a right to their own opinion. To some people, this was great, and for others it was not, but we have learned to respect all the opinions, and we think that everyone should live normally. We live just like everyone else,” said Radomirka.

While looking for a permanent job, Hariz decided to start his own business and to show his experience in catering sector in the right way.

“Since I know this job, I said – why not to try it? And that’s what we have been missing in our town – a café shop, a decent restaurant where you can go, eat and drink something nice. We invested around 5,000 BAM in the interior, material, cleaning, workers… We believe that it will pay off.”

“We are neither the first nor the last people to start their own business. It also depends on the environment, on everything, and therefore we do not know how it will look like. I did not expect anything, so we will see what will happen.”

Hariz expressed his hope that everything will go well and as long as it is like that, they will stay in their hometown.

“Well of course, we expect some prosperity in our lives after a lot of work and struggle. Initially, when we wanted to open and start this business, our primary goal was not to become rich. Our interest for this is to survive so that we can work and have a decent paycheck. It would be ridiculous to say that I do not expect anything from it. But I definitely to not expect to get rich.”

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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