Radojičić and Harčenko talked about the election of the new Government of RS

President of the National Assembly of RS Igor Radojičić informed the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in B&H Aleksandar Bocan Harčenko about the latest course of events regarding political parties in this B&H entity. He also informed Harčenko about the decision of the National Assembly to accept the resignation of the Government and the procedures of further actions of the Parliament concerning the election of the new Government.

Radojičić expressed his hopes that the new Government will have the same coalition members. He also said that they are currently talking to other political partners and that this election procedure will be finished, in accordance with the Constitution, law and the Regulation of the Parliament, as soon as possible.

There were also talks about the fulfillment of requirements  which are essential for B&H’s path towards the EU as well as about the ”5+2” package for the transformation of the Office of the High Representative and about further development of bilateral and parliamentary relation between the Russian Federation and RS.


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