Public Water Utility disconnected Hotel Complex in Ilidza for Debt of 280,000 BAM

Cantonal Public Communal Utility “Vodovod i kanalizacija” (ViK) Sarajevo today disconnected “Hotele Ilidza” from the water supply network due to non-payment of obligations to this company, Avaz news portal reports.

ViK Sarajevo informed the “Ilidza” hotels owned by businessman Alija Budnjo that their complaint was rejected as unfounded, and that they would proceed with the disconnection from the water supply network of all their facilities.

KJKP ViK based its letter on the decision of the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo rejecting the appeal of the Ilidza Hotel as unfounded and confirming the first-instance decision.

Water is cut to all hotels belonging to HBRD “Hotels Ilidza”, namely the hotel “Terme”, “Herzegovina”, “Kristal”, “Bosnia” and “Austria”.

They owe ViK 280,000 BAM and failed to agree on a way to solve the problem that has been going on for years.

Last year in December, the Sarajevo VIK turned off the water to these hotels, but the owner sued them, after which they had to turn on the water again.

The later, first-instance decision, in turn, was in favor of VIK, considering that the court confirmed illegal actions on the dual water supply system.

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