Public excluded from the Hearing of the Secretary General of SDA Amir Zukic

hearingThe hearing for determining custody for the arrested Amir Zukic – the Secretary General of SDA and his driver Seid Fazlagic, was held this morning, but at the request of Cantonal prosecutors Nermina Kulenovic and Bojana Jolovic, exclusion of the public was requested in order to protect the interests of witnesses.

Cantonal Prosecutors Nermina Kulenovic and Bojana Jolovic required the exclusion of the public in the case against Amir Zukic and Seid Fazlagic. Prosecutors wanted the exclusion of the public in accordance with Article 250 of the Criminal Law, in order to protect the interests of witnesses who have already given their statement in this case.

They have said that, with the presence of the public in the hearing, there would be a severe violation of privacy of witnesses, and they said that the investigation is conducted as the subject of “a business secret”.

The defense lawyers of Amir Zukic, Jasmin Muratovic and Ahmed Zilic, and attorneys of Seid Fazlagic, Emir Hasic and Alija Oruc, have said that the prosecution had not presented sufficient evidence in order to exclude the public from the hearing, but the judge Damir Batotic ruled in favor of the prosecution.

The defense said that the public is being excluded because the case is still under investigation.

The court decision on custody for arrested Zukic and Fazlagic is expected during the day.

To recall, Zukic and Safet Bibic are accused to have organized a group which consisted of more people for illegal employment of people and party members in public companies. Fazlagic is charged with assistance to the perpetrator after the commission of the offense.

Amir Zukic, Asim Sarajlic and Mirsad Kukic were brought in connection with illegal employment after arrests in the Action ‘Bosna’.

(Source: klix.ba)

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