Public Debate in Brčko on Implications of Croatian Membership to EU on BiH

Bosna-i-Hercegovina-EUThe Office of the Special EU Representative to BiH started a campaign “Meet the Change” whose goal is to inform BiH citizens on the opportunities and challenges of the accession of Croatia to the EU, as well as to reforms that are necessary in BiH to accelerate the process of European integration.

This is the second in a series of debates that will be held tomorrow in Hotel “Jelena” in Brčko beginning at 14:00.

On 1 July, Croatia became the 28th member of the EU. Now, BiH shares over one thousand kilometers of a border with the EU. EU membership of Croatia brings changes to both countries.

The public hearings in Bihać, Brčko, Orašje, Čapljina, Livno and Gradiška, which are a part of this campaign, will be a chance for the local government, business people, representatives of civil society and many others to meet and speak about the current changes with representatives of the EU delegation and the Office of the Special Representative of the EU, and the Embassy of Croatia and member states of the EU to BIH.

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