Protocol for the Construction and Equipping of the Student Dormitory of FIN signed

December 29, 2015 8:45 PM

project FINProtocol on the realization of the project of construction and equipping of the student dormitory of the Faculty of Islamic Studies (FIN) in Sarajevo, was signed last week in Istanbul by director of Vakuf Directorate of the Islamic Community in B&H Senaid Zajimovic and director of Directorate General of the Waqf in Turkey Adnan Ertem.

The project of realization of the construction of the student dormitory started 8 years ago and Phase I of the construction works has been completed so far and by its construction the Islamic Community in B&H will fully implement one of its most important projects at the moment.

Besides signing of these protocols, directors discussed the projects whose realization is currently in progress, such as the project of construction of Sinan Pasha’s mosque in Cajnice, a project of restoration of Dervis hanuma’s medresa in Bosanska Gradiska, the project of reconstruction of Aladza mosque in Foca, and the project of restoration of Bascarsija (Durak) mosque in Sarajevo.

All the mentioned projects have the status of cultural and historical monuments which makes them especially significant and important for both the Islamic Community in B&H and the State of B&H, as announced from the Vakuf Directorate of B&H.


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