Protests for Children from the ‘’Pazaric’’ Home continue today in Sarajevo


A session of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) should be held today, and as the Radiosarajevo.ba reports, the situation at the Pazaric home could be part of the agenda.

Government ministers should have reports from relevant institutions, and allegedly Federal Minister for Social Affairs and Labor Vesko Drljaca could make some ‘’radical moves.’’

As it was found out, after the session, there will be a press conference, where Minister Drljaca and possibly Prime Minister of FBiH Fadil Novalic will speak.

The Government believes that the problem at the ‘’Pazaric’’ home is complex, and that more ministries should be involved in resolving this issue, because besides the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, there are also competencies of the Ministry of Health and Education.

To recall, citizens protested in front of the FBiH Government building yesterday, and most of them were the parents of children placed in the Mjedenica Institute who submitted their demands.


This is the DEMAND LIST:

  1. Immediate dismissal of the Supervisory and Management Board of the ‘’Pazaric’’ home
  2. Formation of a Commission composed of health professionals, both domestic and foreign, as well as NGOs for the protection of child rights, which will do the following in the next 12 months:

a.) carry out 24-hour supervision of the ‘’Pazaric’’ home work until the filing of criminal charges against individuals who were found to have violated children’s rights

b.) draft the Work Plan for this home, which will result in the implementation of modern treatment methods for children with disabilities, care training and positive practices of the EU Member States

  1. c) provide 24-hour physical protection of the employee who provided a material evidence to BiH citizens
  2. d) Amendment of the Rulebook on the Systematisation and Internal Organization of the ‘’Pazaric’’ home, with the ultimate goal of providing the highest quality care for children and a sufficient number of professionals
  3. Amendment of the Law on Education in order to ensure the right to education of disabled children and mentally challenged children
  4. Involvement of all parental associations in BiH, special education centers and cantonal parental councils in the process of passing laws related to the rights of children with disabilities
  5. Addressing of the FBiH Prime Minister to the citizens in front of the Government building
  6. Immediate organization of a meeting between representatives of BiH citizens and the Prime Minister


(Photo: zurnal.info)

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