Prosecutor Office will not conduct Investigation against Persons involved in alleged Croatian Espionage in BiH

The BiH Prosecutor’s Office issued an Order Not to Conduct Investigation against Mijo Krešić – Deputy Minister of Security of BiH, Mato Đaković – journalist, and Ivan Bandić – Consul General of the Republic of Croatia to BiH, Tuzla Consular Office, after carrying out verifications within the case formed by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH ex officio in connection with the allegations stated on an Internet portal alleging that these persons are involved in illegal activities related to the recruiting of citizens of BiH for the purpose of carrying out illegal activities in BiH connected to the members of the Salafi Movement.

Mato Đaković, Mijo Krešić, Avdo Avdić, Dragan Mektić, person with the initials ČH appearing in certain video materials, Midhat Hasanspahić and Osman Mehmedagić were interviewed within the case, and information was requested from law enforcement agencies in BiH (State Investigation and Protection Agency of BiH, Intelligence Agency of BiH, Border Police of BiH, Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH etc.), all with a view to verifying as to whether any of the law enforcement agencies had any knowledge of the aforementioned.

All interviewed witnesses, except for Avdo Avdić, who was not asked about the said issue because of legal obstacles for his interrogation, did not disclose any information that the three persons were involved in the activities described above. Witness ČH also did not have such information. All interviews were tape recorded.

The law enforcement agencies informed the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH that they did not have any information on the activities publicised on the portal. The Council of Ministers BiH and the Presidency of BiH also did not have such information.

Furthermore, in the course of performed verifications, other issues emerged from media reports and knowledge about the recruitment of BiH citizens by persons who allegedly introduced themselves as security and intelligence officers from other countries and, therefore, activities have been initiated within the case which will be addressed through mutual legal assistance with the Republic of Croatia and Slovenia for the purpose of shedding light on all the circumstances.

On this occasion the BiH Prosecutor’s Office informs the public that, according to the evidence collected and the testimonies of the witnesses, the Minister of Security did not have official information on the described events at the time he provided the public confirmation of the presented information.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH will continue the work on the case in the forthcoming period and, upon completion of all activities, it will inform the public about everything for the purpose of protecting the rule of law and security of all citizens of BiH.



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