Prosecutor Del Ponte revealed the most horrifying Testimony on Srebrenica Genocide

Former Chief Prosecutor in The Hague Carla del Ponte, published a testimony of a Srebrenica genocide in her memoirs about 10 years ago, which shook the world public and the civil servants in the courtroom.

“From that pile, the pile of dead bodies that did not even look like people but only a bunch of flesh cut in pieces, crawled a boy who was maybe five or six years old. That was unbelievable. He crawled and headed towards the trail, the trail where people with automatic rifles were standing and doing their job. And that child was going right in their direction. All those soldiers, those people who did not have the problem of killing all that men, suddenly dropped their rifles and just froze in the moment. There was only one child there, an innocent, sweet child, covered with pieces of wombs of other people.”

All of them were simply left speechless. Then an officer said: ‘Take that child, put it on the truck and take it, then bring him up here with a new tour and then we will finish him.’ I was totally helpless. I was an outsider, a person from logistics…I had nothing to do with what they were doing there. They were shooting people and my job was just to bring them there. Then they took the child, and he was saying the word ‘babo’, as they (Muslims) call their fathers, ‘where are you’? The child was in complete shock. They put him on a truck. The child, after realizing that he is in the truck, started shaking. He started yelling: ‘No, no. I do not want to!’ Then I interfered. I said: ‘Listen, I will turn on the lights in my van and put some music on to take his mind of everything that is going on here. I will turn on the radio,’ because I wanted him to go out of shock. He was completely lost, he did not know what was going on, not even who he was. I went into my van and turned on the light and that helped to the child,” said the witness.

But the witness did not obey the order of the officer, he took the boy to a hospital in Zvornik. After this testimony, Prosecutor Del Ponte recalled the key witness of this horror.

“Only four days later, on February 26, 2007,  the trial from the courtroom number one was broadcasted on the internal video monitor in my office. One young man testified in a closed discussion. A young man who, as a seven-year-old boy, crawled from the pile of dead bodies and approached the criminals who killed his father. I sat there in my office and listened to that young man. I could almost hear the collective relief in the courtroom and evil laugh from Serbia.”

That same morning, wrote Del Ponte, “The International Court of Justice, the most powerful judicial body of UN, ruled that Serbia is not guilty of complicity in genocide in BiH.”

“I was shocked. I knew the truth did not come out.”

(Photo: EUobserver)

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