Promotion of literary and musical achievements of the Sarajevo Youth Center

Youth Center at Gorica in Sarajevo announced for today the promotion of the book entitled ” Prostor vremena”. The authors of the book are the members of the literary club. Besides the book promotion, they have also prepared the promotion of the authorial song entitled ”Čudesan svijet” in the performance of the School of singing that is a part of the Youth Center.

The book contains works by nine young authors, and the editor of this book is Mirsad Bećirbašić, the leader of the literary club. The song ” Čudesan svijet” is the authorial piece of  the members of the School of singing. The mentor of the School of singing is  Latif Močević. The promotion will also encompass an exhibition of art works by the Photo school and the Arts workshop.

The sponsor of this project is the Municipality Center Sarajevo.


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