Promotion of B&H Economy through Trade Fairs and the Merger of Companies

sajamThe Chamber of Commerce of FB&H (CCFB&H) is planning a series of activities for promotion of potentials of B&H economy by the end of the year. Activities will be realized through trade fairs and organized visits of economic delegations in order to connect companies from B&H and abroad.

CCFB&H will actively participate on the 22nd General B&H fair ZEPS 2015, which will be held in Zenica from the 6th to 10th of October. Several companies will present their products and services in the exhibition area of CCFB&H, and one of the presentations will be dedicated to potentials of metal industry in B&H and investment opportunities. Members of the Association of Halal Industry will present their products and the benefits of the products produced according to halal standards.

Members of the Association of ICT of this Chamber will participate in the Fact – Finding Mission, which is organized by the Commercial Department of the Austrian Embassy in Sarajevo. Also, Austria showcase on topic “Mechanics and metal processing” in Vitez will be organized by the Commercial Department of the Austrian Embassy as well, on which the Metal and Electrical Industry Association of CCFB&H will present potentials of the field of metal in the FB&H.

“We are planning to host delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of Ankara by the end of the year, and to send invitations to businessmen for visits to fairs in Izmir, Istanbul and Oman,” said the director of the Industry and Services of CCFB&H, Alma Mališević.

The chamber presented products and promotional materials of several companies from FB&H at the Viroexpo Fair 2015 in Virovitica, at the end of February.

At the International Trade Fair in Mostar in mid-April, exhibition space of this chamber was ceded to economic entities in order to present themselves and reach new business partners.

Within the International Energy Fair Energa 2015 in Tuzla, the Chamber organized a panel named: “Current Issues in Development of the Energy Sector B&H.”


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