Promotion of Awareness in Disaster Risk Reduction was the Focus of OSCE Workshop

The OSCE Mission to BiH and the Ministry of Security hosted a national capacity-building workshop in Sarajevo for representatives from the Aarhus Centers and civil society organizations (CSO) across Bosnia and Herzegovina. Enhancing knowledge, increasing skills, and promoting awareness in  disaster risk reduction (DRR) was the focus of the workshop.

Participants discussed the proposal of the 2021–2025 BiH DDR Strategy. The elaborated proposal of the Strategy, developed today, is expected to be submitted to the Security Ministry by the end of July, for consideration and inclusion into the draft Strategy.

In order to adequately address a growing number of disasters, the Mission supports BiH in meeting its commitment to strengthen its DRR capacity and strategic framework in line with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

By fulfilling this obligation, BiH would progress toward achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals 11 and 13 — to make human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable and to combat climate change and its impacts.

“The OSCE commitments prioritize disaster risk awareness and highlight the significance of community-based DRR that is gender-, age-, and disability-sensitive,” said Dr. Susan Penksa, Head of Security Co-operation at the OSCE Mission to BiH. “The OSCE DRR Decision encourages multi-stakeholder partnerships wherever possible, including collaboration with Aarhus Centres and other competent CSOs who are key partners for raising awareness on the potential risks of disasters. I am proud of the impact of OSCE assistance in improving governance and transparency in the field of DRR. ”

The economic impact of the devastating floods and landslides in 2014 was estimated to have reached EUR 2 billion. Sustainable use and effective management of ecosystems and natural resources is critical to decreasing widespread and calamitous effects of future natural hazards.

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