Promoted Photomonography ‘Srebrenica Path of Hell 1995-2015’

srebrenicaPhotojournalist Ahmet Bajric called Blicko promoted his monography “Srebrenica path of hell 1995-2015”, which documented part of the events during the genocide on the 280 pages.

Bajric was the only photographer in 1995 who exclusively recorded the famous photos of citizens of Srebrenica leaving Sapna and Nezuk, which are faithful illustration of the Srebrenica Golgotha.

“When word got out that Srebrenica had fallen, I was the only photographer who recorded the arrival of exhausted and wounded people. I could not believe that they actually managed to reach freedom. However, in whatever state they were, they survived, as opposed to the thousands of people who were killed. When I returned to Tuzla, numerous journalists gathered around me and asked me to give them some photos, which went throughout the world. Ever since then, I have followed all the events of the Srebrenica,” said Bajric.

Years later, Bajric was recording the discovery of mass graves, commemorations, the arrival of the world’s officials, the collective funeral, peace march, peaceful protests of mothers of Srebrenica in Tuzla…

Promoters of “Srebrenica path to hell 1995-2015” were also Camil Durakovic, the former mayor of Srebrenica and Naser Oric, the wartime commander of Srebrenica, who expressed his regret that Bajric was not in Srebrenica until 1995, to record the suffering of people in protected area of the United Nations.

Otherwise, Bajric is professionally engaged in newspaper photography for more than 30 years. His works have been published in numerous international media, and an exhibition of photographs from this monograph was set in several cities in Europe, including Belgrade.



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