Projects from ZD Canton emphasize good Cooperation with the Embassy of BiH in the Kingdom of Norway

The Federal Association for the Promotion and Development of Green Energy and Organic Products “GEOPA” from Zenica prepared a project for the promotion of the “Law on Public Private Partnership (PPP) of ZDC”.

This project foresees continuous presentation of legal regulations that allowed the legal framework for investing private capital into the public sector. As noted in the Association, the Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDC) is a great example of good practice in the FBiH, since it prepared a very good legal and practically acceptable solution in cooperation with USAID, which allows all investors to invest in different projects, and to achieve partnership with the Government of ZDC at the same time.

One of the activities of the Association “GEOPA” in the project is direct cooperation with certain Embassies of BiH abroad. They especially noted great cooperation with the Embassy of BiH in the Kingdom of Norway and Ambassador Nedim Makarevic, who recognized the significance of this project as well as the association as a relevant partner.

Ambassador Makarevic met with the Prime Minister of ZDC Miralem Galijasevic and they discussed possibilities, manners and forms of a possible tripartite cooperation in this project. From the Association “GEOPA” stated that they believe that Ambassador Makarevic could give a large contribution to this project through lobbying “the Law on PPP ZDC”, both with the BH diaspora in Norway as well as investors in that Scandinavian country.

(Source: FENA)



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