Projects for the Protection of Water Accumulation Modrac

jezero_modracThe mechanical and biological treatment of waste water in Živinice will be completed by summer 2014, which is part of the Strategy for Protection of water accumulation Modrac.

The mechanical treatment is finished a year ago, an investment of 8 million BAM and is one of the most important water management projects in B&H.

This is just one of the activities that is carried out in order to ultimately protect Modrac, which is the largest multi-purpose water resource, not only in Tuzla Canton but in the FB&H. The accumulation is in function for nearly 50 years, and is formed by the construction of a dam in the gorge lake of Modrac.

By regulatory plan of the Tuzla MZ Kiseljak is planned to be built a sports and recreation center on the coast of Modrac, which includes the construction of the beach facilities, shops, swimming pools, spas, marinas, fields for games, camping resorts along the coastline 1.400m long.



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