Project by students from Sarajevo among 50 best in Europe (video)

170201117.2_mnThe project of students of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo entered in the top 50 in the competition of 250 applications from all over Europe.

In November 2016, the Dutch company Ultimaker, one of the leading companies for the development and manufacture of 3D printers, in cooperation with the European Investment Bank, announced a competition for the award of 50 3D printers “Ultimaker 2+” and “Ultimaker 3”. The competition was open to applicants attending primary, secondary schools, and universities from all over Europe. The aim was to propose innovating the teaching process using a 3D printer and to find teachers, professors and their students who are passionate about the improvement of teaching.

More than 250 educational institutions from all over the Europe registered for the competition, and the project by students of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo was among the top 50!

As a prize, students have won 3D printer “Ultimaker 3”, which is considered one of the most modern 3D printers of this type.

The announcement of the winners was held at the world’s largest event related to educational technology, Bett Show in London on 27th January this year. The list of winners can be seen here.

Students of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo applied to the project “Improvement of teaching ‘How machines works’ using Ultimaker 3D printer”. In the framework of this project, they are planning to create a fully functional reducer in actual size by using the 3D printer.

The team was made of: Jasmin Smajić, Maida Osmanlić, Alem Miralem, Amina Pandžo, Tarik Ramić and Vildan Salihi, under mentorship by dr. Isad Šarić and Adis Muminović.

The video can be seen by clicking here.

(Source: klix)

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