Project “Schools Bridges of Peace“ united Ten Schools from BiH and Italy

April 23, 2015 7:45 AM

schools bridges of peace“Schools Bridges of Peace“, is the name of an international project that has united ten schools from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy.

Namely, intercultural exchange of primary schools from the area of municipality Gracanica (FBiH) and municipality Petrovo (RS), with primary schools of the Province of Padova (Italy) lasts for several years, and all started with the exchange of letters between students.

The event included the exchange of teachers and school principals from BiH to Italy in 2011, and teachers from Italy stayed in BiH in 2012.

From 16th to 21st April, 33 BH students and school principals were in the intercultural exchange in five primary schools of the Province of Padova.

Students and school staff from FBiH and the RS attended classes of physical education and art and exchanged their experiences with students in schools of the Province of Padova.

Within the visit, a reception of members of delegation was held at the Chief of the Municipality San’t Angelo di Piove di Sacco Romana Bioschia.

“With such projects we are sending a message of peace and solidarity to the world, through integration, not separation. This way of unity gave an opportunity to students to exchange their ideas. Although they are of different nations and speak different languages, students became friends very quickly through school activities“, said Chief Bioschio.

A long-time president of the Association of Volunteers for Initiatives of Peace (A.V.I.P) and the former school principal in several primary schools in the Province of Padova, Mario Fiorin, emphasized that during the last war and immediately after the war, they made a contact with BiH for the delivery of the humanitarian aid and building of friendship, spreading the idea of co-existence and the experience of the intercultural dialogue.

“In order to launch activities of solidarity and interculturalism, teachers from Italy and BiH revived the project “Schools Bridges of Peace“ said Fiorin, adding that this visit is especially important because schools from both BH entities are participating in it.





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