Project “Pokaži se – Dokaži se!”: Contest for Students, Graduates and Young people who have Just Finished the Faculty

pokaži seWithin the project “Pokaži se-Dokaži se!” (Show yourself- prove yourself), the association of visual art and communication “Pixel” in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Trade organizes a competition for students, graduates and young people who have just finished the faculty.

Participants can register via on-line application that is published on the website of the association www.pixel.ba.

The project “Show yourself prove yourself!” is directed at the students of the last year of university, and at the students who have just graduated in order to be better prepared for the labor market and for employers, and to make easier decisions on independent start of a business.

According to the study conducted and published in 2011 of the Center for developing Entrepreneurship and presented in the document GEM B&H 2011: To Develop and Strengthen the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, the major problem of our education, especially university education is a mismatch between the offering and the demand in the labor market as well as the mismatch of university programs with the needs of employers.

Education through the project is focused on the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, to develop the entrepreneurial spirit and to connect with entrepreneurs in order to complement the knowledge gained at the universities.

Deadline for submitting applications is 30th September, and the expert jury will select five best applications from applications received and the top five applications will be submitted to the B&H largest companies, with recommendations, which opens the possibility of eventual employment of applicants or incentives for the development of their own business.

The best application will be awarded with a cash prize in the amount of 500 KM.

Announcement of the winner will be declared no later than the 15th of October.

Pixel invites all youth students, graduates, and those who have just finished college to participate in the project.

(Source: Fena)

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