Project on Digitalization of Cinemas in Serbia and BiH

operacijakinoAt the 20th European Film Festival in Palić presented the project “Digital movie experience” whose aim is to equip cinemas in Serbia and BiH with digital projection.

The project managers are Ena Đozo from “Obala Art Centra” from Sarajevo and Igor Stanković representing cinema “Vilin Grad” from Niš, and the coordinator is Goran Grozdanić (BiH).

The project, as explained Grozdanić at a press conference in Palić, is a product of cooperation between the two countries with the aim of applying for IPA funds of EU, in this case for cross-border cooperation between countries – partners in the project.

The idea is revitalizes of existing rooms and opening of new rooms with digital equipments, she said.

Stanković, reminded that this summer is suspended the production of the classic 35-millimeter tape for commercial use. All films in the future will be on the hard disk and to be shown in DSP system.

“Vilin Grad” is a good example of a public-private partnerships through which after ten years, once again started the work of cinema in Niš’’, said Stanković. He pointed out that the cinema is “the only daily dose of culture” in small towns, where there are no daily theater performances, concerts or nights of poetry.

Đozo stated that a similar situation is in BiH, while Croatia has made substantial progress already digitizing 29 cinema rooms.

‘’In BiH we have five multiplexes, which provide mainly American hits, and the rest are houses of culture with outdated equipments. We need urgently to react, otherwise domestic, authors, European films anywhere else will not be able to be seen. The European Commission is interested to support us’’, said Đozo.

The project will be officially launched next month as part of the film festival in Sarajevo, where will gather representatives of local government and culture centers to discuss the public-private partnership, and then they will jointly apply for IPA funds.

‘’It is a very expensive project, which will include 15 halls in the first round’’, said Stanković.

Local government needs to adopt the cinema premises because the audience does not want to sit anymore on wooden chairs. We would have provided a part of projection techniques, and part of a European fund to be competent for the final refinement, he explained.

(Source: ekapija)

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