Project Dedicated to Bosnian Tradition: Construction of Eco-Village Natura Began

bihacIn the last period, Opal Group has been intensively working on the development of tourism in municipality Bihać, in infrastructure and services, and in cooperation with institutions, private companies and tourist agencies in trying to promote the natural beauty so that Bihać would become more known as a tourist destination.

Eco-village ‘Natura’ is a big project whose construction will last for two years.

Upon completion of the first phase of job, 7 people received employment and after the third phase there will be 35 more jobs. Opal Group proudly presents a part of the eco-village and it is called ‘Nature Art’. It is located in a very interesting part of the river Una and is dedicated to the Bosnian tradition with a focus on this part of the Krajina, work by artist Ado Zulić from Bihać.

“Nature Art’’ is the promotion of a tradition and through various projects that are in front of us, the creation of new artistic works of all kinds of artists who could be artistically expressive in this inspirational environment. We wish for this part of the eco-village to become the inevitable destination for all artists and their associations so that we could together take care of the tradition for future generations’’, said Opal Group.


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