Project BH Veza: Program for All of B&H and B&H Diaspora

RTV-BHRT-Sarajevo-newDuring the past week, four cantonal television channels from the cantons of Sarajevo, Bosnian Podrinja, Tuzla and Una-Sana broadcast a common satellite program called BH Veza (connection), for which the International Association for Cooperation and Coordination of Turkey (TIKA) donated all the necessary equipment.

‘’The center of this channel will be in Tuzla and the channel will soon become operational. This is an important project that will be broadcast in all of B&H, as well as for the B&H diaspora, who will have the chance to follow the events in their native country’’, explained the Coordinator of TIKA for B&H Zulkuf Oruc.

In addition to this project, TIKA donated to BHRT digital equipment as part of the project ‘Technical Support to Radio-Television B&H’, and with this help BHRT would be able to film and broadcast HD program content.

(Source: Seebiz.net)

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