Prohibiting Measures Proposed for Persons suspected of Election Fraud in Sanski Most


After questioning the suspects, the Prosecutor of the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina in charge of this case will put forward a motion with the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, seeking prohibiting measures to be imposed in relation to the three suspects who had been deprived of liberty as part of the investigation into the criminal offence of Election Fraud, committed in Sanski Most during the 2018 general elections.

Prohibiting measures, which include restriction of the stay and movement of the aforementioned suspects and prohibition from contacting suspects and witnesses in this case, have been proposed so that the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, SIPA and partner institutions and agencies could conduct and complete the unhindered investigation in this case.

Intensive investigation in the case continues.


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