Progress in Construction of Corridor 5C Can Now Be Monitored Online

autocestefbihOperating in line with modern technology and in an effort to obtain information on operations and works on Corridor 5C comes quickly and easily, since the company ‘Autoceste FB&H’ has completely redesigned its official Internet presentation and enriched it with numerous new features.

The website offers to the public information on business operations and a map of the progress of works on a number of sites across the country.

Starting from the basic organizational values-professionalism, transparency, ethics, information availability, independence, impartiality, courtesy, development…with a complete reorganization of the website in terms of structure, contents, graphics and services the new website is easier to navigate, more functional and more current, and all with the goal for the public to obtain necessary information faster and easier.

Interaction can also be achieved through the new official Facebook site of FB&H Autoceste.


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