“Progetti Bosnia” produces Shoes for Italian Gucci Brand

Despite the fact that they are relatively young in the job they are doing, company “Progetti Bosnia” d.o.o headquartered in the Lipnica Development and Business Center currently has two plants and over 180 workers.

Everything that they produce ends up in exports and on shelves of world famous brands, including one of the largest – Italian “Gucci”, Akta business portal reports.

On a daily basis, over 500 pair of shoes are sold for Janet & Janet and Janet Sport brands, hence over 50,000 pairs per season.

The Tuzla Canton Employment Service offers wholehearted support for this company.

“At this point, there is a pessimistic picture of the workforce in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so we have repeatedly addressed the Employment Service of Tuzla Canton. Last year, we used funds for entrepreneurs, both in Lipnica and Gracanica. There were six or seven workers for whom we used these funds, “said Sulejman Kljunic, general manager of Progetti Bosnia.

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