Professor Willett from Harvard opened the Nutrition Master Program at UNSA

An Interdisciplinary Master Program in Nutrition was opened yesterday in the Festive Hall of the University of Sarajevo, where Prof. Dr. Walter Willett from Harvard University gave a lecture on nutrition and the effect of the food on the human body, as well as growth, development, function, concentration, and efficacy through all phases of life cycle, both in health and disease.

Prof. Dr. Walter Willett is one of the founders of the discipline on nutrition epidemiology and a leading researcher of “Nurses’ Health Study II”. He dedicated 40 years of his scientific work to the development and evaluation of the method, by using biochemical approaches to study the effects of diet on a large number of frequent illnesses.

“The Interdisciplinary Master Program in Nutrition represents a new study, and there are 14 students enrolled in the first generation, with the aim of bringing one of the global problems of mankind closer to the students of this study,” said Rifat Skrijelj, the Rector of the University of Sarajevo.

“There is a need for education on proper nutrition and I believe that this study will contribute to that. Regarding this, parents have the largest influence on the nutrition of their children. Proper diet is not available to us,” said Safija Softic, the student of this program.

Nutritionists are intermediaries in the process of transferring scientific knowledge to the overall and target population with the aim to preserve or improve the health and status of the organism.

(Source: klix.ba)


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