Professor found a Way how to turn Waste into Cement!

innovation white cementZehrudin Osmanovic, the Associate professor at the Faculty of Technology of the University of Tuzla, devoted last 20 years to the study of the area of chemical engineering, i.e. development and the improvement of the process of cement production.

“The precipitate generated as a byproduct in the factory of soda is being precipitated near the company from its establishment in 1893 and citizens called it “white sea“ because of the composition and surface area occupied. Otherwise, process of the cement production itself is characterized by the fact that potential raw materials for the cement production can be some waste materials from other industries, so I tried to make a raw material for the cement production from this material and I succeeded with the methodology that is in accordance with the European standards.

He devised that waste is not disposed on the landfill near the center Lukavac, but to be treated in one additional facility, where its physical and chemical characteristics should be adapted to characteristics it should have in order to be mixed in the raw mixture for cement.

The proposed technique makes it possible, through the time, for the chemical waste from huge landfills to be turned into a qualitative cement or concrete.

“This invention was presented at the 39th Croatian Salon of Innovations with the international participation and at the 10th Exhibition of innovations, prototypes and student business plans, INOVA, in 2014 in Osijek, where I won  the 3rd place and the bronze medal“, said innovator who meanwhile contacted managements of the companies Fabrika cementa Kakanj and Sisecam soda Lukavac, where analysis are currently in the progress.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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