Products of Tešanj Springs Soon in Entire Arabian Gulf

voda1-300x270In the factory of Tešanjska Vrela Springs, in which Tešanjski Dijamant and Esperanza are packaged, the first 150.000 bottles of water called Natural Spring Water Diamond for buyers in Kuwait, who will with the brand Diamond cover the distribution of the entire Arabian Gulf.

For that market, an entirely new bottle design and label has been made, where the ‘shrink sleeve’ label has been applied that represents the highest luxury label in the market, which was a requirement of Kuwaitis.

“They are convinced that they could jeopardize the position of Evian on the market with the quality of drinking water and with the luxury packaging

In the meantime, an international agency has been selected that works on preparations for mineral water that will certainly be a competition to the French brand Perrier with its luxury and quality.

The company Tešanjska Vrela said that after the shipment of three containers, which would be distributed to future distributors, preparations will be complete and the establishment of dynamics for continuous delivery, and which in the first phase should be about two billion bottles.

(Source: Fena)

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