Production of the VW Caddy started 35 years ago in Sarajevo

caddy-1Volkswagen Caddy was the most famous product of the automotive industry of BiH. The reason for that hides in the fact that this model was produced in the period from 1982 to 1992, exclusively in Sarajevo, where more than 200,000 copies were produced.

The father of a pick-up of the first generation of Golf was actually the American Rabbit pick-up, which appeared in 1978 in the US.

Four years later, the administration of Volkswagen decided that the van named Caddy will be produced in Sarajevo, for the needs of all European markets.

Customers had the opportunity to choose between two engines – 1.6-liter gasoline engine (70 HP) and our well-known diesel engine of the same volume (54 HP).

Caddy was produced in Sarajevo (TAS) in Vogosca until 1992 when the well-known war events took Volkswagen and the popular model from BiH.

From the Volkswagen hoped to restore the production of Caddy in Sarajevo for a long time.

Unfortunately, cannon barrels were stronger than the factory machines, and a compromise solution was found in mid-90’s in order to fill a range of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The production of Caddy of the second generation that had the badge of Volkswagen, but was created based on Skoda Felicia, was organized in the Czech Republic.

An interesting fact reveals that besides Sarajevo, the production of the first generation of VW Caddy also took place in South Africa until 2007.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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