Problems in the 4 Most Flooded Villages of Bijeljina

May 31, 2014 11:00 AM

bijeljinaAlthough the situation in the area of Bijeljina is improving, the decision of a state of emergency is still into force due to the problems in Velino Selo, Broc, Ostojićevo and Balatun.

Still “water gaps” represent a huge problem in Bijeljina and Dvorovi.

Collection of dead livestock continues in the flooded areas, and about 3.4 tons of dead farm animals are collected during the day.

470 ton waste is collected during the previous day in Batković, Balatun, Broc, Velino Selo and partially in Dvorovi.

The fire brigade of territorial fire unit yesterday were engaged in pumping water from the flooded streets and facilities in 21 locations.

The medical team of Health Center Bijeljina disinfected 581 households and so far they have disinfected 8.101 households. 16 persons are vaccinated against tetanus who were engaged in removing dead animals in Velino Selo.

So far 2.800 houses are reported to have been flooded.

The road Bijeljina-Rača, is putted into operation yesterday, as well as the boarder crossing Rača.

(Source: Fena)

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