Private Museum in the Backyard: take a look to Great Antiques (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]75-year-old Mumin Bajric from Stijene, the village near Cazin, decided to put his youthful love for antiques into building of private museum in the backyard of his own home.

All items that Mumin found and gathered through years, he cleaned and arranged again, and those that were broken, repaired and made them functional again. And not only that, he wrote on every item the name of the giver, “it should be known who gave it.”

He says that there was the old house at the place where he built a new house, built in the traditional Bosnian style. “I still cannot get over that I destroyed it,” he said, “because it would perfectly fit in the ambience of what I am doing now.”

And his museum is keeping almost the entire history of Stijene. And not only Stijene, but also everything that is reminding of life on area of Bosanska Krajina, and even Lika and Kordun.

Thus, in Mumin’s collection of antiques can be found numerous household items, agricultural supplies and tools, various dishes made of clay, wood or metal, old furniture, clothing, rugs, carpets and prayer mats.

He considers as most valuable objects the old sieve that older residents of Cazin used to grind wheat. There is a “stan” for weaving carpets and rugs. On the floor is old cradle for a baby, and next to it “stand” for children, which is used to make the children to quickly learn to walk and strengthen their feet.

In an improvised window on the wall are placed numerous tea pots, lanterns, coffee pots, rugs, etc. In the corner is the scale “from that time” that can bear weight up to 50 kilograms, and also the iron filled with embers, weighting at least 4-5 kilograms.

Mumin says that he will continue to search for all the items that, for most of the people, lost all values. For him it did not and it never will.

“The more time passes by, these objects gain more value. Only is the people would understand that,” he said.

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