Prime Minister of CS speaks reveals when the Water Reductions will stop

The prime minister of Canton Sarajevo Elmedin Konakovic spoke today about the problem of water supply in Canton Sarajevo and said that there won’t be any more reduction within six to nine months.

The prime minister also spoke about the most current of events in Canton Sarajevo, the water supply. As he said, the problem is putting incompetent and non-expert people in positions responsible for solving problems.

“When you put someone in some small public institution, that’s not an existential problem, but when you put people on the head of Water Supply who should be able to solve key problems in Sarajevo and they’re not competent, then that’s a problem,” Konakovic said.

He also stated that Sarajevo has more than enough water.

“Now, in the current period we has 2,800 Liters per second and 1,300 Liters is enough for the city to function. Unfortunately, only 25% of the water comes to the faucets of citizens,” Konakovic said and emphasized that everything is a result of a bad network in which no money was invested in the past 16 years, as well as a large number of illegal spenders which connected themselves to the water supply with the support of Water Supply.

Konakovic said that there will be a session of the Supervisory Board next week and after that, a session of the new management.

“Next week, the Supervisory Board will meet, which is the main level of the Government and then the management will change soon afterwards,” Konakovic said.

He added that “an expert team that’s been working on this problem, at the head of which will be Dževad Koldzo, guarantees that within six to nine months, there won’t be any more reductions”.

(Source: N1.ba)

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