Primary School Children praised Chetniks in Srebrenica


Children commended with Chetniks characteristics during the Saint Sava celebration on Monday in elementary school in Srebrenica, Vijesti.ba news portal reports. The children of the head of Islamic community in Srebrenica did not attend the ceremony, and he sent a message that discrimination is unacceptable on any basis, especially on a national and religious basis.

“Therefore, our children will not be present at festivities, and it is up to the other parents to choose whether their children will attend events,” was written in a message from the Srebrenica imam (head of Islamic community in Srebrenica), whose children attend the First Primary School in Srebrenica.

On social media, a photo was posted showing elementary school celebration, and children following Orthodox religion celebrating Chetniks.

Young Chetniks in Srebrenica – Terrible! Children celebrate Chetniks in elementary school in Srebrenica On this occasion, the Chief Imam the Islamic Community in Srebrenica, Damir Pestalic stated that it is precisely because of these and similar appearances that have been repeated over the years that they have warned of the increasing popularity of extolling criminals and insulting victims of genocide.

“It is impossible for a school principal, educator and psychologist not to keep track of what students do on social networks,” Pestalic told Preporod.info. He expressed his concern about such behaviors that frighten Bosniak children in Srebrenica.


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