Prices of Fuel decreased in the Federation of BiH

June 14, 2019 1:00 PM

Since the beginning of this month, some 400 requests for a decrease of the price of diesel and petrol was recorded at the Federal Ministry of Commerce.

The prices discounts of diesel and petrol for five to ten fenings per liter, was stated for the Federal News Agency from this ministry.

There are 690 petrol pumps in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prices are formed freely.

“According to the new Guidelines on the Content Format and Deadlines for Changing Price, prices may change within 24 hours and not three days as it was before. The downward trend continues,” was stated from the Federal Ministry of Commerce.

Diesel prices at petrol stations in BiH reached the price of 2.36 BAM per liter, while the price was 2.26 BAM per liter only a few days ago.

The prices of unleaded fuel were increased by 5 fenings, and thus at certain petroleum stations the price of gasoline with 95 octane was 2.36 BAM per liter, while it amounted to 2.31 BAM per liter a few days ago.


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