Prices of Fuel in BiH to be increased from April?

fuel2 (2)Apparently, the citizens of BiH will have a more expensive fuel at gas stations for a minimum of 15 pfenings per liter from April. This will be the result of the agreement of the Fiscal Council of BiH, which agreed on amendments to the Law on Excise Tax on Tuesday, with which is foreseen the increase on excise duties on petroleum, oil and oil products.

This was one of the conditions of the International Monetary Fund. Last year, the Parliament of BiH did not pass the proposal on increase of excise duty for 15 pfening, but now politicians, pressured by the IMF, want to adopt this increase.

With the increase of excise duties on fuel by a minimum of 15 pfening, BiH will have the same prices of fuel as Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and other regional countries. Until now, the fuel was cheaper in BiH than in other countries in the region, and by 30 pfening.

Zoran Berak, the Secretary of the Group for the trade in oil and petroleum products in the Chamber of Commerce of the RS said that this group does not support the additional excise on petroleum, oil and oil products, since it will represent an additional burden on the living standards of citizens and reduce traffic fuel at petrol stations in the RS.

He added that the fuel in the RS is currently the cheapest in the region, which tells us that distributors of oil and petroleum products in the RS are forming a smaller margin than those in the region, but if the excise duty is increased, BiH would collect about 1 BAM per each liter of fuel.

The fuel will be increased in BiH if politicians vote in the Parliament, but none of the deputies of the Parliament of BiH have the information on when it will happen.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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