’Prevent’ in January will Start Free School for Textiles-Competition for Scholarships

fabrikaodjece‘Prevent Fabrics’, member of the company that deals with the production of textile materials for the automobile industry, will launch in January next year a one-month free program of a school for textiles, announced on the website of this company.

All those interested in the work and development in the textile industry can participate, as well as a desire for knowledge and further training, and who have college education or are in the final stages of studies in textiles, product design and other technical areas.

In addition to a textiles school, ‘Prevent Fabrics’ will issue applications for scholarships for regular students of technical faculties or the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, department of Chemistry.

All those interested can apply to the school for textiles until 30 November, while the deadline for applications for scholarships is 31 December 2013. More information can be found on the website


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