”PREVENT” has hired 1 100 workers in Goražde

In the industrial zone Vitkovići in Goražde, a car upholstery factor ”Prevent” has hired  750 workers in May, and finishes this year with 1 100 hired.

Serial production of sets for the latest model Volkswagen Golf 7 will be continued in the 2013, with dynamics of 2,500 sets a day.

Investments in the industrial zone Vitkovići are the result of the adoption of the law on the distribution of state assets of Bosna-Podrinje Canton (BPC), based on which the cantonal government gave to “Prevent” a part of devastated buildings of the former “Azotara” for one BAM.

“Prevent” has encouraged other investors, so that that preparation for the construction of the company “Emka Bosnia“, which will hire 200 workers, is in progress

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