What to wear today? Ask Digital Assistant Cadence!

The project Cadence – a digital assistant that was created by Haris Ascalic, is now integrated into Viber as a prestigious chatbot application, and Viber featured it for all users in BiH on the cover of the category “Discover”.

On Viber, Cadence can help you to find your clothing combination – everything you need to do is to pick a collection, and she will offer you a pretty and simple combination. Moreover, Cadence can help you in the kitchen by suggesting a recipe, business, and much more.

She will contact you, it is enough just to open the chat in her account:


Haris also said that Cadence is talking to hundreds of new people from 20 countries around the world on a daily basis, and he is planning to expand it into other categories in order to enable users to have a much faster and more fun access to all the content.

(Source: ST)

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