President of RS announced opening of 10 kilometers of Highway

August 26, 2017 1:15 PM

The president of Republika Srpska, one of the two entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), announced today that the Banja Luka – Doboj section of the highway “9th January” from Mahovljanska petlja to Drugovici in the length of 10 kilometers for traffic next month.

Dodik said that the construction on this section of the highway is going as planned and is up to all quality standards.

“The fact that we’re continuing with the planned dynamic of the highway in Republika Srpska says enough about our determination to finish highway to Bijeljina and the border with Serbia,” said Dodik after touring construction.

Dodik highlighted that Republika Srpska is allocating significant funds to finish the highway to the border with Serbia.

“It was made harder by the fact that we didn’t solve the question of excise taxes. Some believe that that’s the way to stop the development of Republika Srpska. But, as you see, this month, we’ll open a highway section from Mahovljanska petlja to Dragovici that’s 10 kilometers long and which cost about 100 million BAM,” according to Dodik.

Dodik emphasized the importance that the dynamic of construction of highways in RS and added that he expects that next year the entire highway section from Banja Luka to Prnjavor will be constructed.

According to him, that would be a major construction, communication and infrastructure accomplishment for Republika Srpska.

He said that, besides the construction of the highway, a new Clinical center in Banja Luka and hospitals in Doboj and East Sarajevo will be built.

The director of the company “Autoputevi Republike Srpske” Dusan Topic said that construction works on the highway section from Mahovljanska petlja to Drugovici are going according to plan and the goal is to maintain quality.

“We toured what was completed and what still needs to be completed. We believe that it’ll be finished and traffic will be open to traffic by the end of September,” Topic said.

Topic emphasized that the complete section from Mahovljana to Prnjavor should be finished and open to traffic by spring of next year.

He reminded us that the section of the highway is 10 kilometers long and the section between Mahovljana to Prnjavor is 35.3 kilometers long.

He noted that the contract worth of the highway between Prnjavor and Doboj is 180 million Euros, while the section from Prnjvor to Mahovljani is 158 million Euros.




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