President of Serbia promised help to Trebinje and Herzegovina

tomislavFrom today, President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić is an honorary citizen of Trebinje

At the solemn session in the City Hall of Trebinje he became honorary citizen of Trebinje and he said that that honour will oblige him to give help to Trebinje and Herzegovina.

Nikolić said that he follows the situation in Herzegovina, and because of that he said that he’ll direct some investors to come and visit Herzegovina and hopefully to invest there.

He noted that Serbia wants to become both the member of the EU and friends with all countries of former Yugoslavia.

He announced that next year he’ll come to Trebinje again in order to give report on what he’s done.

Mayor of Trebinje Slavko Vučurević congratulated Nikolić and said that it is well deserved and hope that it will improve relations between Herzegovina and Serbia.

Nikolić said to citizens of Trebinje, that Serbia is not doing anything to jeopardize the chances of BIH.

He, together with Chairman of BIH Presidency attended the opening of the exhibition ‘Dučić in Diplomacy’ in the Museum of Herzegovina, visited Gračanica of Herzegovina.

Nikolić is the sixth holder of the title of Honorary citizen of Trebinje


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